2nd International Chen’s Tai Chi Tournament

& 5th Québec Wushu and Taichi Championship

1_Show Final Pose

Date:June 27 (Saturday), 2015
Location:Gym (1H), Dawson College, 4001 Maisonneuve west , Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 1A4 (Metro:Atwater)
Organizers:  Confucius Institute in Québec, Sino Wushu Academy
Co-Organizers: Dawson College, North American Chen’s Taichi Association, Chen’s Tai Chi Association – Eastern Canada
Date: June 27(Saturday), 2015 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm                           
Time: from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm  
Location:  Gym (1H), Dawson College, 4001 Maisonneuve west , Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 1A4 (Metro:Atwater)
Categories and events:          
Tai Chi: Practitioners of all forms & skill levels are welcome. Judges from several forms will attend including Traditional Chen’s and Yang, Sun, Wu, etc.  (Some of categories may be adjusted) Individual and group performances will be judged, including bare hand and weapon forms. Events are open to all ages.
Wushu: Competition style, all kinds of Competitive and group styles, covering bare hand and weapons, Mulan, Traditional Kung Fu, Internal and External, Duilian (Fighting set) and group, covering bare hand and weapons.  Events are for all age categories.           
Come & enjoy the fun.
Registration:   Individuals and teams may download (link) or call for a Registration Form. Deadline for registration is June 10, 2015.  Please send registration form and fee to:
Address: 22 Ancolies, Ile-Perrot, Québec, Canada J7V 9L6
                   Attn: Master Leon Xu
Phone:  (514) 966-9878,514-931-8731 ext.3208

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