Rajko Bogdanovic

Certified Instructor of Chen’s Tai Chi for Health and Wellness
Valid: June, 2015 — June, 2017

Rajko Bogdanovic

Certficate of Chen's Taichi Instructor for Health_Rajko Bogdanovic_June27_2015

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Earlier in my youth, I joined a Karate club in Yugoslavia with objective of primarily gaining mental and inner strength. Unfortunately, due to unrelated circumstances I had to quit after only two years. However, throughout the years, I tried to stay in touch with martial arts, at least by reading about different schools.
In November 2013, I joined Master Leon’s Tai Chi class in Brossard. Since then, I have been practicing devoutly, at the class and at home, and really anywhere and anytime I could. In June 2015, Master Leon announced that the Grand Master Chen Zhenglei would be coming to Montreal in a scope of an annual competition event. Master Leon Suggested me to join the event and I might be at that level to become a Chen’s Tai Chi instructor for Health and Wellness. I gladly accepted. I participated in the seminar that the Grand Master Chen Zhenglei had given and passed the exam later on.
I am working hard to improve myself. Though I’m still very fresh in Tai Chi, I have a good knowledge of the basics and routines of my level. Also, I am working on improving my knowledge and use of Qi Gong and push-hands.

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