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2015 Grand Master Chen Zhenglei “Light of Taichi”
Las Vegas Summer Camp

On June 19, 2014, Grand Master Chen Zhenglei “Light of Taichi” summer camp completed with great success in Las Vegas. “Taichi enthusiasts from New York State, Washington, Eugene, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Montreal, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou…. Taichi enthusiasts from East and West, from the coasts, and great lakes and mountains….. They were there because of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. They were there because of their love for Taichi.”

2014 Las Vegas compbined photo

“Light of Taichi” is a series of high level concentrated training workshops hosted by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei for Taichi elites. The 2014 Las Vegas workshop was designed for Taichi elites abroad in the Chen Zhenglei Taichi System. It was well received and a great success.

 “One pointer from the Grand Master is worth more than ten years of training in the dark.”

From May 31 to June 5, 2015, “Light of Taichi” will shine on Las Vegas again! It is a great opportunity to experience the charisma of the Grand Master as well as the profound depth of authentic Taichi. It is a great event to obtain a global perspective of Taichi, gather ideas and develop strategies for future development. From Chen Wangting, Chen Changxing, Chen Zhaopi to Chen Zhenglei, Taichi has be preserved and developed into the most popular wellness exercise in the world. Grand Master Chen Zhenglei’s outstanding disciples will arrive with their friends and students in Las Vegas from all over the world – USA, Canada, United Kingdom, South America and Asia…. The great Chinese Cultural Gem – “The Light of Taichi” will shine on the other side of the Pacific Ocean again. A brand new journey of Taichi is about to set sail….


Who Should Attend?

  1. Directors and instructors of Chen’s Village Chen Zhenglei Taichi schools, branches and training centres;
  2. Selected students of schools, branches and training centres.

Expected Value:

  1. This Las Vegas summer camp is a high level concentrate training workshop of “Light of Taichi” hosted by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. The main targeted audience is directors, instructors of Chen Zhenglei Taichi System schools, branches and training centres. The main goal is to standardize their Taichi system and improve their teaching skills.
  2. All three blood-line inheritors of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei – Chen Bin, Chen Juan and Chen Yuanyuan will be present in Las Vegas for the first time, bringing authentic Chen’s Taichi from the source to Taichi enthusiasts. Well established school directors and renowned Taichi masters from America, Europe and Asia are part of the teaching team.
  3. The event also provides a great platform to meet and exchange well known Taichi practitioners, experts. It will be a great opportunity to learn and verify Taichi skills from each other, broaden international vision and understand global trend of Taichi development.
  4.  For those who have never been to the US, this is a good opportunity for sightseeing – when you are not training. There are a few touring options: Hollywood Tour, Disney Tour, Las Vegas Night Scene Tour, Luxurious Cruise Tours to San Diego and Mexico as well as Grand Canyon and the great desert Tour.



2015 Grand Master Chen Zhenglei
“Light of Taichi” Summer Camp
Download the agenda and registratio form here



North American Chen’s Taichi Association is a registered Non-profit Organization. Our mission is to promote health and culture of the public by means of Chen’s Taichi and Chinese Culture.

Areas of Work:

  1. Coordinate with principal inheritors and organizations of Chen’s Taichi to ensure authenticity and quality.
  2. Establish committees and departments, establish guidelines and standards for business, establish self-governing bodies.
  3. Coordinate research efforts in order to provide support to member businesses for decision making.
  4. Provide technical and business standards such as certification, business cards, signs and uniforms etc.
    • Provide professional training, certification.
    • Organize Workshops, Forums, Performance and Tournaments.
    • Organize Taichi related cultural events.
    • Coordinate the communications among taichi professionals and organizations.
    • Provide arbitration for pricing differences to ensure fair competition among members.
    • Organize international culture exchange programs.
    • Other related cultural products and business.

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