Chen’s Taichi Seminars with Grand Master Chen Zhenglei



New York, NY USA:  June 13th – 14th

  • Chen’s Taichi 18 Essential Form Routine
  • Chen’s Taichi Old Frame One
  • Chen’s Taichi Sword



Albany, NY USA: June 19th – 21st

  • June 19th (Friday): Chen’s Taichi Beginners Class
  • June 20th (Saturday) morning: Chen’s Taichi Old Frame One Review
  • June 20th (Saturday) afternoon: Chen’s Taichi Push-hands
  • June 21st (Sunday): Chen’s Taichi Old Frame Two



Montreal, PQ Canada: June 26th – 29th

  • June 26th (Friday) evening: Chen’s Taichi Sword
  • June 28th (Sunday) morning: Chen’s Taichi Old Frame One
  • June 28th (Sunday) afternoon: Chen’s Taichi Old Frame Two
  • June 29th (Monday) evening: Chen’s Taichi Yangsheng Gong & Push-hands



Toronto, ON Canada: July 03rd – 5th

  • July 03rd (Friday) afternoon: Chen’s Taichi Qigong & Dantian Internal Rotation
  • July 03rd (Friday) evening: Public Workshop on Chen’s Taichi History and Health Benefits (Free of charge)
  • July 04th (Saturday): Chen’s Taichi Old Frame One
  • July 05th (Sunday): Chen’s Taichi Push-hands



美国, 纽约,6月13 – 14

  • 18式、老架一路、太极剑



美国,奥布尼:6月19 – 21

  • 星期五晚:太极拳初级班
  • 星期六上午:老架一路复习
  • 星期六下午:推手
  • 星期日:老架二路



加拿大,蒙特利尔:6月26 – 29

  • 星期五晚:太极剑
  • 星期日上午:老架一路
  • 星期日下午:老架二路
  • 星期一晚:养生功和推手(在徐利的一个学生的学校)



加拿大,多伦多:7月03  – 05

  • 星期五下午:陈氏太极拳气功及丹田内转(在市外的一个洋人的武馆),晚上公益宣传:太极拳历史、养生及技击(有望请到当地主流媒体)
  • 星期六:老架一路
  • 星期日:推手



Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Chen’s Taichi Seminar with Grand Master Chen Zhenglei

Dates:June 26, 28, 2015
Location:5B16, Dawson College, 4001 Maisonneuve west , Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 1A4 (Metro:Atwater)
Two days Promotion: $210 / 2 days (Taxes included)
June 26 (Friday Evening):
Chen’s Taichi Single Straight Sword (Jian):        18:00 – 21:00, $75 (Tax included)
Chen’s Taichi Single Straight Sword is one of the most popular weapon routines in Chen’s Taichi field.  It is the technical extension from basics of Chen’s Taichi system.  During the seminar, Grand Master Chen will teach the routine of single straight sword systematically, correct movements, and introduce the methods and techniques of how to harmonize the body and weapon.
June 28 (Sunday): $140 / Whole Day (Taxes included)  
Chen’s Taichi Old Frame 1:         9:00 am –12:00 pm,$75 (Taxes included)
This is one of the most important routines in Chen’s Tai Chi. Its focus is to build the foundation in physical forms, achieve high level coordination & nurture the internals Qi.  This seminar will focus on correcting the detail movements and refining more internal feeling, to improve the ability to control the whole body in good synchronization, combine the internal and external elements &  relax and settle the postures.
Chen’s Taichi Old Frame 2:        13:00 –16:00,$75 (Taxes included)
Chen’s Taichi Old Frame 2 is also called “Cannon Fist”.  It consists of hard explosive movements, with softness implied.  Depending on a good foundation with Old Frame 1, practitioners will learn how to use the hands to lead the strength and whole body, and to use explosive power at the same time.  This seminar will concentrate on Cai (Grapple), Lie (Rip), Zhou (Elbow), and Kao (Bump) supplemented with Peng (Ward Off), Lu (Brush), Ji (Squeeze) and An (Press).  It will present the true style of the Cannon Fist –quick, solid and powerful.
Phone: 514-966-9878;



Repentigny, Quebec, Canada

Chen’s Taichi for Health and Wellness & Push Hands Seminar with Grand Master Chen Zhenglei

Date:June 29, 2015
Location:Institute Long Feng, 114 Boul. Industriel, Repentigny QC J6A 4X7
June 29 (Monday Evening):
Chen’s Taichi for Health and Wellness and Push Hands: 18:00 – 21:00, $99 (Taxes included)
Grand Master Chen Zhenglei will systematically introduce Chen’s Taichi for Health and Wellness, including Warm Up, Joint Flexibility, Chen’s Qi Gong, different Silk Reeling Exercises & the 18 Essential Routine.  The workshop will also include detailed instructions on 8 basic techniques of push hands, such as Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao, and supplementary exercises, teaching how to apply explosive Power (Fa Jin) in the applications.
Phone: 514-966-9878; 450-581-6139




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