Chen’s Taichi Instructor Training and Exam: Grand Master Chen Zhenglei

Date:June 27 (Saturday), 2015
Location:Dawson College, 4001 Maisonneuve west , Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 1A4 (Metro:Atwater)
Chen’s Taichi Instructor Training and Theory:        13:30 – 15:30, $100 (Tax included)
          In this training, Grand Master Chen Zhenglei will teach how to refine the detail movements and get more internal feeling, how to improve the ability of excercising and teaching in good synchronization.  Chen’s Taichi Theory is also another important part of this training for the instructors of different levels.  Grand Master Chen Zhenglei will also explain the teaching techniques to all participants who want to become instructors.  After finishing this seminar, participants will receive certificates with signature of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei.  
Chen’s Taichi Instructor Exam:         16:00 –17:00,$50 (Taxes included)
           After seminar of training and theory by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, all participants will join the instructor exam in the Gym (H1), Dawson College (3040 Sherbrooke St. W., Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1A4 CANADA, Métro: Atwater).  After passing the instructor exam, participants will receive Instructor Certificates in corresponding level.  Applicants will become Certified Instructors and can start to teach Chen’s Taichi in corresponding level.  In the future, they will get full support from Chen’s Taichi systems,  including “Chen’s Taichi Association-Eastern Canada” and “North American Chen’s Taichi Association“.
All applicants should apply for training and exam beforehand with the contacting informatiom below. Only after approval and confirmation from association,  applicants may join this Instructor seminar and exam.   Instructor Preparation (or Warm-Up) Training (10 private classes) is not included in this seminar.
Phone: 514-966-9878;

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