“Light of Taichi” 2017 Toronto Summer Camp &

International Taichi Competition

Download info sheet and forms here.

We said it last year and we’ll say it again – “A tip from the master tops ten years of hard work!” Students who attended the summer camps realized the importance getting training tips from the Grand Master. That’s why they have followed him. Now the 2017 “Light of Taichi” Summer Camp will be held in Toronto from Jun 17th to June 21st. A master of a generation Grand Master Chen Zhenglei will lead his top team and bring the most authentic and profound family arts to Taichi enthusiasts to Canada for the first time. His advanced disciples will gather in the Canada and assist him teaching at the workship. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Register now!

Oh wait! There is a Taichi Competition, too! We are organizing the first of its kind competition during the summer camp. Here are the highlights:

  • It will be part of the world famous 27th International Dragon Boat Race Festival. The race has over 5,000 competitors and over 100,000 spectators. AND we are a part of that!
  • The Taichi competition will be out-doors in a traditional ancient kungfu tournament setup. No, you don’t fight to the death! It’s only the setup and how the cores are called.
  • We are adding an event in Duanwei routines (single and two-person). You won’t be graded for a Duanwei ranking certificate but you will be prepared if you intend to do one later.
  • We are adding an event in Push-hands demonstration. What it means is that you will perform in pair and you will core in your performance in both technical and showmanship.

We are planning a Grand showcase by Grand Master Chen’s disciples on site and there will be many of them at this event. It will be a royal treat!

“太极之光” 2017 多伦多夏令营/国际太极拳邀请赛


2017年的夏令营我们还是本着以往的原则,给广大的太极拳爱好者提供一个可以跟太极拳宗师有近距离接触的机会。“大师一点通、胜似十年功”! 越来越多的太极拳爱好者进一步认识到得到大师亲自指点的重要性。2017年的“太极之光”夏令营将在6月17日在美丽的加拿大多伦多拉开帷幕,一代太极拳宗师陈正雷将率领他的精英团队给太极拳爱好者带来纯正的、博大精深的家传技艺。 世界各地的太极高徒将再一次云集海外,请大家踊跃报名,莫失良机!


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